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Right. Tidbits about the work on this site...

The [no longer so] Brief History Of The Kuepper Files...

February 2009. From late 2008 up to now...: I've had a 'down period' when it concerning this particular page, and to updates and stuff, but am now improving. Lot of things goin' on - Clowns live reunion! Clowns live albums in the Prince Melon bootleg series! Pictures! Et cetera...

August 2008: A lot of things happening! More official bootlegs, podcasts, free downloads and whatnot. See the news page for detais and links!

July 2008: Added info on new label, new myspage site and tour cd.

May 2008: Poster added, classic label back, live in Stockholm - notes, new live cd, t-shirts, and more...!

15 January 2008: Links to videos at YouTube added.

14 January 2008: Audio interview from Annie at the Meltingpodmeltingpod added.

1 January 2008: Happy New Year! :-)

Much later 2007...: Oops. This page has been sadly neglected. Sorry 'bout that... Most things have been updated under 2007, most recently perhaps: Song Index, Pictures, Discography, Print, ... Pick your choice! :-)

3 February 2007: Pictures added, older news rotated to newslog archives.

31 January 2007: News about the new album! A couple of minor updates.

19 January 2007: Drum Media Review and sound clip added.

30 December 2006: Poster and ticket from NSC gigs added.

21 December 2006: Lots of updates: for details check the news section.

October 2006: Tour dates updated, teaser article added and working on a new recordings page.

19 September 2006: Interviews from brella.orgexternal added to the print section.

18 September 2006: New recordings of Eternally Yours and La Di Doh added here.

17 September 2006: New tour dates added.

10 September 2006: Track info on the Fusebox album added - many thanks to John! Also Ed's page on myspace.com added to the links and news page. Review of the Metro/Dirty Three gig... Go on!

31 May 2006: Rehearsal recording of Electrical Storm added.

9 May 2006: Lots of stuff added. News, prints, reviews, pictures, boots and compilation...

8 April 2006: Review of All Times Through Paradise from Mojo, July 2004 added.

24 March 2006: More tour dates added.

16 March 2006: Updated info on Underworld compilation. Thanks to Thierry!

7 March 2006: Updated song index and articles added (with thanks to Mende!). More coding issues with images.

15 February 2006: Reviews from Wire and Uncut added and some updated code on a couple of image pages (opening new windows).

31 January 2006: Loads of lyrics added.

25 January 2006: Magic Mile review from Courier added.

18 January 2006: Release dates updated on discography and a couple of album pages. Discrepancies fixed. Song index updated with songs from Magic Mile.

13 January 2006: New reviews and gig dates added.

10 January 2006: Several reviews added.

December 2005: Various minor corrections and updates...

23 November 2005: Link to David Pestorius websitearrow added to the links page.

17 November 2005: Images of the original, handwritten setlists from the Troubadour, April 2005, added. Many thanks to Dave!

16 November 2005: A new review of Cruel But Fair from TimeOff added. Thanks Donat.

7 November 2005: Info and in most cases artwork for a whole lot of albums where the artist plays cover versions of Ed and/or Saints songs, and also albums where Ed has produced, written and/or otherwise contributed can now be found in the discography section. I've added this info with the aid and permission of Ed and some of it I've imported from Justin's old site. There's more to come!
I've also added reviews of Cruel But Fair and a MFLL show in the print section.

25 October 2005: Artwork for the Security 7" single and Stranded 4 track combo single added. Thanks to Dave!

24 October 2005: Info and artwork for It's Lunacy promo singles added, 7" vinyl and cd single versions.

20 October 2005: Minor uptdates to the song index and also a preliminary (rumoured) track list for the Magic Mile compilation added. Lyrics to New Bully added.

15 October 2005: Interview from The Age added in the print section. Live pictures from Brisbane by Judi added.

6 October 2005: Artwork (and minor info updates) on Aints I'm Stranded 7" single added. Sleepy Head promo single added to discography.

3 October 2005: Artwork added and updated info for Just Because I Like.

27 September 2005: Inner sleeve artwork for Australian and Loud added. Again, thanks David! Article from the Courier-Mail added to the print section.

26 September 2005: Juice Magazine compilation added. Song index updated.

24 September 2005: Art work and label info on Australian and Loud compilation added. Many thanks to David! Links page updated. I've also re-done the startpage of the site and added search function. You're welcome to give me feedback...

21 September 2005: The song index updated. Artwork for the 1982 Clowns compilation Laughing Clowns added.

20 September 2005: Added info on the 2005 re-issue of Everybody's Got To and also new info on the Saints tribute album, Eternally Ours.

14 September 2005: Nice news from Hot Records! Pre-order a signed copy of the Clowns compilation! Read more here... Also a new interview from The Age and great pictures from The Vanguard by Karena added.

13 September 2005: More pictures from the Northcote SC gig. This time Mende held the camera. Nice trippy pictures it is too! :-) Also added two new reviews!

12 September 2005: Thanks to Jules for providing the correct date for the Prince Of Wales poster and also details on the Aints' Stranded/No Time single. Another review from the NSC gig added (thanks Mende!).

6 September 2005: Tour poster from The Gov added.

2 September 2005: New tour dates, info on Triple J/Studio 22 compilation added.

31 August 2005: Improved resolution on the Cruel But Fair cover. Click here to see an large picture of the final cover. And I must say it's a brilliant cover! Thanks to Hedy and Lynlea! :-)

30 August 2005: Cover and info on the Now We Are Six compilation.

19 August 2005: New definite cover of Cruel But Fair. Catalogue numbers added on Cruel But Fair and This Is The Magic Mile. New info on the upcoming DVD. Also added press release for the Clowns compilation.

18 August 2005: Lots of new photos added (with thanks to Tim, Andrew and Colin).

6 July 2005: Preliminary release dates of the compilations and DVD. Time for a holiday...

23 June 2005: Interview from Triple J (July 2004) added to the print section. Thanks to Tim!

21 June 2005: Live review from Beat Mag added.

14 June 2005: New promo shot added.

10 June 2005: More tour dates for July added.

9 June 2005: Lots of new pictures added to the picture gallery. Check out the Clowns in 1983 and lots more! Reviews from Sydney and new tour dates added.

26 May 2005: Info and artwork on the compilation albums This Is Hot and This Is Hot Too added. Also: another review of the Melbourne gig (May 18) from Inpress Magazine added. Thanks to Mende for transcribing.

24 May 2005: Review of the Melbourne gig at Northcote Club (May 18) from The Age added.

13 May 2005: 4zZz Radio playlist added.

12 May 2005: Revamping the collaboration/compilation discography section... Adding Ed in the movies and video section. Ed songs which have appearead in films.

12 May 2005: Fixed the alignment on the wrongly aligned headers in the discography section. This problem only appears in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP and Server 2003 (to my knowledge) and it is caused by an Explorer bug, but I made an ugly workaround. Please use a decent browser! And please let me know if it appears again. Thanks.

10 May 2005: Info on the Kuepper Klips video and also news about the upcoming DVD release added. Some minor corrections on the song index.

6 May 2005: Pictures from the Troubadour added.

5 May 2005: Song index post corrected. Thanks to Stephen Yates.

22 April 2005: Tour dates! Tour dates! A string of dates for the Aussie east coast in April and May. Read more... Also a blurb from the 4zZz 102.1 FM radio station added.

21 April 2005: Another blazing review of the Troubadour gigs, this one from the Courier Mail, added.

20 April 2005: Info on unofficial recordings added. Follow the links from the discography section. Thanks to innercitysound[external link] website!

19 April 2005: New review of the gigs at The Troubador added.

15 April 2005: Lyrics to Everybody's Got To album added.

14 April 2005: I gave in and added a counter. I am not a fan, so we'll see if it stays. Click away, friends!

12 April 2005: ABC interview added. Review of All Times Through Paradise from Sunday Times (UK) added.

8 April 2005: Info on Tales From The Australian Underground added. And a favicon! Boy I've been meaning to fix that! :-)

4 April 2005: Interview from Timeoff added. Clip from fasterlouder.com.au added. This and that.

9 March 2005: Mojo's "Top 100 Scorchers" list added.

7 March 2005: Cover art for the upcoming new releases Cruel But Fair and This Is The Magic Mile added. Read more here.

26 February 2005: Songs from the Real Wild Life compilation, Today Wonder (Remaster) and Honey Steel's Gold (Remaster) finally added to the song index.

23 February 2005: Songs from All Times Through Paradise added to song index.

22 February 2005: Data on Laughing Clowns EP updated. Thanks to Stuart! Also news and links pages updated.

2 February 2005: Poster from the Oxley Creek Playboys at Prince Wales Hotel added.

26 January 2005: Stranded 7" single review added.

25 January 2005: Ready enough to launch the new site/url. Enjoy!

Late December 2004 to early January 2005 : Various improvements to the site, mostly codewise (shtml, CSS, ...), but also new pictures, interviews and more. Prepraring the move to new webserver.

13 December 2004: Added the Sydney Morning Herald interview locally. Read it here.

9 December 2004: Saints singles I'm Stranded and Lipstick added.

7 December 2004: Info on the Fuse Box tribute album added. (But more info wanted!)

5 December 2004: Added info about Big Backyard, Earth Music and Not So Dusty.

29 November 2004: Compilations page updated. Rockin' Bethlehem and Used And RRRecorded By added.

24 November 2004: Artwork for The Saints' One Two Three Four EP added.

19 November 2004: The Saints' One Two Three Four EP added.

12 November 2004: The Saints' All Times Through Paradise box set added.

October/November 2004...: Revamp time. Fixing stylesheets correctly, thousand small code errors, straightening out a few question marks with the help of Ed (many thanks!) and a little touch of make-up here and there...

4 November 2003: Audio interview from Triple J radio station added to reviews section.

11 August 2003: Info on publishing date for Saints reunion article corrected. Thanks to Andy Carr.

18 March 2003: An interview with Ed from March, 2002, can be found at www.brella.org.

15 November 2002: Jamie Sellers need help with memories of Saints. He is writing a book about Saints and Clowns and needs input! If you can, please contribute memories and/or opinions on seeing The Saints or The Laughing Clowns with Ed! Jamie can be reached at mrlooey@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you!

14 November 2002: New and corrected dates on the unofficial live recordings page.

4 November 2002: Pictures from a live gig at the Cornish Arms, July 18-19 added. Mende provided.

19 June 2002: Cover art for 3 EP and new bootleg info added

23 May 2002: Review of new Today Wonder from Inpress Magazine added. As was the press release for Today Wonder remaster.

19 May 2002: Info on the new remastered and extended version of Today Wonder added. What a great album this is!

13 May 2002: Updated the setlist from Melbourne and also added some info about 3RRR broadcasting that live show on Thursday night, May 16.

6 May 2002: Linked to Cos site with nice pics of Ed playing live in Melbourne, April 12th.

2 May 2002: New info on quite a lot of unofficial live recordings, mostly Laughing Clowns and Saints! Many thanks to Julian again!

29 April 2002: Header-file for pages with white background seemed to have contained wrong picture. Corrected.

19 April 2002: Even more album reviews added!

17 April 2002: More articles and reviews added. Thanks to Mende!

16 April 2002: A page dedicated to articles, interviews and album reviews added.

15 April 2002: Info on Wild About You corrected and updated.

9 April 2002: Info on promocopy of Everything That Flies 12" added.

27 March 2002: This and that. A lot of small changes sitewise. HTML stuff. A page dedicated to the tour dates of 2002.

24 March 2002: New header files. I've been meaning to fix the font ("The" and "Files" in the The Kuepper Files) for a looong time, and now it's done, thankyouverymuch.

23 March 2002: I thought perhaps a news log could be in order. Just to keep track of when, what and who. And perhaps why...

20 March 2002: New tour dates added!

8 March 2002: Songs from Out-takes, Castaways... added to the song index. Notes from the album booklet added to the Out-takes, Castaways... page.

5 March 2002: Exciting news from Ed's agent Paul Howell about the tour of Australia in April. Check tour dates here. Download a .pdf of the nice press release here!

16 February 2002: Chris Bailey Tour info added.

10 February 2002: Interview from Hit Magazine added. Many thanks to Mende for scanning it.

9 February 2002: Info on unofficial live recordings updated. Thank you, Jules!

3 February 2002: A fault in the headerfile for the album pages fixed. It looked like %#!=% from running IE 5.5 on Windows 2000.

30 January 2002: A lot of new info! Picture added for Sometimes, The Fire Dance, info on the promo single The Hideous Place and details for the Out-takes, Castaways... CD added.

29 January 2002: Article and picture from the Saints one-off reunion September 2001!
Thanks to Mende for the article and scanning the picture!

28 January 2002: Saints' album Songs Of Salvation added.

24 January 2002: Insert picture from Mr Uddich-Smuddich album added.

20 January 2002: The song index updated and refreshed. Got rid of one column. Remarks, comments and tips now in red below the song title. Songs from Wild About You finally added.

16 January 2002: Info about the new album, Outtakes, Castaways, Pirate Women and Take-aways added. Also a lot of minor corrections to the song index (which shortly will be re-vamped, in a small but hopefully effective way).

14 January 2002: Promo page updated.

13 January 2002: Killing old rumours, presenting new ones... ;-) New Clowns info on the 3 EP and Sometimes the Fire Dance single. Many thanks to Christopher Moore!
And also I updated everything else I could think of... (besides the song index, which I'll do tomorrow... ;-)

6 June 2001: News update! Rumours about a European tour in September! Wow. Possible chance of a triple-disc Clowns anthology! Double-wow! :-) Ed is currently remastering Today Wonder and a compilation of alternate/cover versions of his songs called Outtakes, Castaways, Pirate Women, and Takeaways. Check the official site for more details!

13 May 2001: I've forgot to mention the interview with Ed you all should listen to... Check out howlspace.com.au! Ed was interview in mid-January by Ed Nimmervoll. The interview is in Real Audio and about 40 minutes long. Thanks to Tom Denison for this info!

12 May 2001: Live recordings in the discography section updated.

4 January 2001: Info on remastered version of Honey Steel's Gold and Wild About You added.

15 November 2000: Added tracklist and info to Prehistoric Songs. Thanks to Julie!

5 November 2000: The songs from Smile... Pacific is now in the song index.

4 November 2000: Finally I have Smile... Pacific in my possession and can confirm the new running order. It's too early in the morning, so I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I will -- in a minute... I've also added info on some bootleg recordings that apparently exists. Many thanks to Julian Bull!

28 August 2000: Got a word from Ed himself. Feels good, I could tell you. Updated some details on the discography page regarding the One Over The Eight compilation. Also I was told the running order on Smile... Pacific was changed in the last minute. Unfortunately I have no info on the new running order yet.

28 June 2000: Last weeks I've bit by bit added info about the new album Smile... Pacific. Songs, album info and links to the official site where you can find sound clips and photos from the recording sessions.

6 May 2000: I've not been escpecially good at documentating minor updates. Maybe it's not that important anyway... However, now I've finally implemented the style sheets which been "laying around"...

15 March 2000: New link to Magnus Boman's extensive Laughing Clowns discography added to the links section. We exchange information accordingly.

7 February 2000: Big news added! Ed's gonna record a new vocal album in March and his entire back catalogue will be remastered and re-released during the year -- with previously unreleased bonus tracks!

22 November 1999: A lot of coverpics added to the discography. Mainly 7" singles. Many thanks to Derek!

10 November 1999: Miscellaneous discography updated and corrected.

9 November 1999: Info on the latest Saints compilation 7799 added and song index updated.

4 November 1999: Everything That Flies, German-released album added.

3 November 1999: Coverpictures of Everybody's Got To, US and original release, added.

2 November 1999: Songs from Ol' Golden Eye added to the song index.

24 October 1999: Minor glitches found and fixed.

19 October 1999: Page for promos and bootlegs added, though I have none of either at the moment. But there's some info about the When There's This Party 12" promo.

17 October 1999: A lot of additions made to the discography.... Mostly Clowns and Ed solo vinyl singles. Many warm thanks to Derek Jeffreys!

11 October 1999: times and catalogue numbers (LP) added to the Saints-albums (and some misspelled song titles corrected).

7 October 1999: link added to Kuepper-produced album 'Splinters' by Raoul Graf.

6 October 1999: info on 'Mr Uddich'-album added.

5 October 1999: fixing some broken links.

4 October 1999: artwork 'Eternally Yours' (Clowns) added. Fixed some releasedates which was totally wrong...

September 1999: last fixes on links, artwork and songinfo in the discography section.

August 1999: scanning missing covers and a lot of 'legwork' with the old (very old!) html-code. Creating frames.

August 1998 -July 1999: Project definitely abandoned...

June -July 1998: making a list of all Ed songs I've possibly heard about...

March-May 98: No time :-(

January 1998: Talked to Justin, he encouraged me and promised me some PR-photos of Ed (if possible...) - which I totally have forgot to ask about...

December 1997: Work seriously (ehrm) continued...

In the spring of 1997: Idea: maybe I should do a Ed Kuepper website? Yeah. Work seriously (ehrm) begun...

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