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Album review
Sunday Times, (UK) 9 August, 2004
THE SAINTS – All Times Through Paradise [album info]
4 CD Box Set, EMI #5779392
The Sunday Times' Pick Of The Week CDs

Despite being from Brisbane, The Saints were among the first punk bands to make an impression in Britain and their three albums, from 1976-1978, remain benchmarks of garage-noise, with beautiful melodies battling bristling layers of fuzz. Every five years a new generation of young bands discovers The Saints, yet more unreleased out-takes are unearthed and EMI finds a way to sell the holy trinity of I'm Stranded, Eternally Yours and Prehistoric Sounds to us all over again. This four-CD set has, surely, to be the definitive Saints celebration with dozens of lost tracks and a 1977 London show. Subsequently, Chris Bailey held onto the Saints name to become a moderately successful alt-rock icon. His former partner, Ed Kuepper, pursues a more fascinating path encompassing jazz, blues, electronica and a pointedly named rock band called the Aints.

***** 5/5 stars

Review by Stewart Lee.

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