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Discography Overview


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V/A: Neurotically Yours - A Tribute To The Saints, compilation, Ed is on there doing Everything's Fine (1992)
V/A: Live At The Wireless, compilation, 1992. Compilation from live radio shows. Ed sings Electrical Storm, backed by a band called The New Imperialists. Don't think this version is avaliable elsewhere.
V/A: Totally Wireless, compilation, 1993. Recorded on live radio. Ed and Mark Dawson does The Last Of The Old Fashioned Steam Powered Trains (a song by Ray Davies).
V/A: One Over The Eight , compilation, 1997. Features two new "electric" mixes of Ed songs, When I First Came To This Land and My Best Interests At Heart.
V/A: Earth Music, compilation, 199?. Ed sings Sad Dark Eyes (also to be found at Sings His Greatest Hits For You album) but there is also some nice Saints covers on this album.
V/A: The Big Backyard, compilation, live, 1994 . Ed plays La Di Doh (this version can also be found on the Highway To Hell single).
V/A: Not So Dusty - A tribute to Slim Dusty, Ed plays Camooweal, which is also featured on the "b-side" of the Cunnamulla Feller CD-single by the Screaming Jets, 1998.

V/A: Rockin' Bethlehem – The Second Coming. A Christmas benefit album for Sydney Children's Hospital, released in 1990.

V/A: Used And RRRecorded by. A compilation album released by TripleR FM, an independent radio station in Melbourne, Australia.
V/A: Fuse Box - The Alternative Tribute, a 17-track tribute album to AC/DC. Ed does the album (King In The Kindness Room) version of Highway To Hell (of course!). Released 1995.
V/A: Australian And Loud, an Australian compilation from Crash Bang Records for the "appreciation of Australia's larger artists". Released 1994.
V/A: Tales From The Australian Underground 2 CD compilation of Aussie landmark singles from 1976-1989.
V/A: Now We Are Six, Australian compilation from Shock [Records] containing Maria Peripatetica from the Serene Machine album (Thanks to Laurie!). More info on this album is greatly appreciated!

V/A: Music For Film & Television #3, promotion only 2CD compilation from 1997. Featuring tracks from Steve & Russell Kilbey (The Church), The Cruel Sea, Ed Kuepper, Stereolab, Tindersticks, Dave Graney, Low, Custard and more. (IFPILD 71)
V/A: Underworld Medium Rare, Vol 3, an Australian compilation of rare Kuepper, Radio Birdman, White Zombie, Damien Lovelock, Tumbleweed, and more, tracks. Came as a companion cd to Underworld Magazine. Probably in 1997. Any more info on this item is appreciated!

V/A: This Is Hot, vinyl sampler from Hot Records, featuring The Laughing Clowns. Released 1985.
V/A: This Is Hot Too, vinyl sampler (second round!) from Hot Records, featuring Ed solo. As the first Hot sampler, this is also released in 1985.
V/A: Triple J - Studio 22 a double live cd from ABCs Triple J live performance series.
V/A: Juice Magazine, compilation from PolyGram 1993
V/A: No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion. A 4CD box of punk classics. Naturally The Saints are represented with I'm Stranded.
V/A: Rough Trade - Counter Culture 1976. Features I'm Stranded by The Saints
V/A: Bad Seeds - Nick Cave: Roots & Collaborations - a Mojo magazine compilation from March 2009
Raoul Graf: Splinters. First album from Raoul Graf, produced by Ed who also plays guitar and has co-written most of the songs.
Raoul Graf: California Switch, promotion single produced and co-written by Ed.
Bell Jar: Bitter Taste EP produced by Ed and includes song(s?) which also are featured on the full-length album Glass. Bell Jar is Raoul Graf's previous band.
Pray TV: Swingers Paradise, Ed produced this album from the Melbourne-based band.
All India Radio: All India Radio. I'm not exactly sure on Ed's role in this album yet... But I'm finding out!
V/A: Neurotically Yours - A Tribute To The Saints, compilation, 1992
Jimmy Little: The Messenger An album of Australian covers (Church, Crowded House, Nick Cave, Ed Kuepper, ...), performed by Aboriginal legend Jimmy Little. He performs Ed's The Way I Made You Feel. Album also features x-Clown Glad Reed.
Eternally Ours - another Saints tribute. This is a Japanese compilation of bands who play Saints songs and just as on Neurotically Yours, this includes Ed playing a version of Everything's Fine.
Ratos De Porao - "Feijoada Aciderte?" - International Brazilian proto-punkers covering Saints' song Private Affair.
The Leaving Trains: Kill Tunes, does Saints' Private Affair (1986)
Candy Snatchers: Pissed Off, released in 1997, a version of Lost And Found.
The Criminals does a under-a-minute version of Lost And Found on their album The Criminals, released in 1999.
Nashville Pussy: Eat More Pussy and Let Them Eat Pussy, their cover version of (I'm) Misunderstood is present on both these releases. (1998)

Sheer Terror: Old New Borrowed Blue EP, 1995. Cover version of Everything's Fine. This song is also represented on the Decampitated soundtrack (1998).

Mike Johnson, ex Dinosaur Jr bassman does an interesting version of A Minor Aversion on his second solo album I Feel Alright (1998)
The Muffs: Do The Robot is featured on the Big Mouth single and also on the Hamburger album (1993)
The Fall: English cult-rockers does a version of This Perfect Day on their Marshall Suite album (1999)
Painters and Dockers: Kill Kill Kill EP, Know Your Product (1985)
The Lazy Cowgirls Lady Cowgirl, contains a live version of Know Your Product (1988)
The Gammamen: Less Is More contains a version of Demolition Girl
Norma Jeans: Natural Blonde Killers, they cover Erotic Neurotic (1997)
The Inhalants: covers Demolition Girl on their self titled album, The Inhalants (1995)
US Bombs: Put Strength In The Final Blow, version of Demolition Girl. (1999)
Dr Robert covers One Small Town on his Other Folks album (1997)
Terveet Kädet, hardcore orchestra from Finland does Demolition Girl -- in Finnish! To be found on their Hardcore Brutality album (1996)
Lula Bliss: The New Passion Club. Produced by Ed Kuepper who also provides loops and stuff.
The Screaming Trees does a version of This Perfect Day... [more info coming soon]
The Hives: Main Offender, 7" single inlcudes cover of Saints' Lost And Found. (2001)
V/A: Decampitated (soundtrack, 1998) A cover version of Everything's Fine by Sheer Terror is featured on the soundtrack.
V/A: Mojo presents Love Will Tear You Apart (free with Mojo Magazine, Feb 2007). Jim Reid (formerly Jesus And The Mary Chain) does a good version of I'm Stranded.
ED IN THE MOVIES...     [up]
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987) Directed by Rodney Amateau [link to imdb.com]
Featured song by Ed: Not A Soul Around from the Everybody's Got To album
Teen Wolf Two (1987) Directed by Christopher Leitch [link to imdb.com]
Featured song by Ed: Not A Soul Around from the Everybody's Got To album

Love & Happiness (1997) Dutch film, director unknown. The music can be found on the Starstruck album, however not in the sequence as per the movie.

Decampitated (1998) Directed by Matt Cunningham [link to imdb.com] A cover version of Everything's Fine by Sheer Terror is featured on the soundtrack.