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Music, sounds and recordings

Some old, some new, some borrowed... etc. Here you find live clips and some special recording sessions. Courtesy of Ed. There will be more to come!

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Electrical Storm, May 2006 live rehearsal recording

Electrical Storm (live rehearsal) 128kbps, mp3

Ed Kuepper and The Kowalski Collective - September 2006

Eternally Yours, part 1, 4:56, 128kbps mp3
Eternally Yours, part 2, 3:49, 128kbps mp3
La Di Doh, part 1, 4:25, 128kbps mp3
La Di Doh, part 2, 3:39, 128kbps mp3

Ed Kuepper with Jane Elliot - February 2007

Excerpt from Finding You, 128kbps mp3