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TimeOff Magazine, April 2005

It’s a school night for most, but on this most Saintly of Wednesday nights, it only takes a quick introduction and a cheer to kick-start Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener’s lesson in the history of Brisbane rock’n’roll.

With two sets, the crowd’s in for a treat. Immediately noticeable is Kuepper’s guitar cranked up past 11, the noise filling the stage like an air-raid siren. While his body seems consumed by the sounds, bobbing and weaving across the stage, his voice cuts through, clear and forthright, as the lyrics of the Saints and Laughing Clowns songs demand attention.

Jeffrey Wegener’s drumming is deeply entrenched in the jazz idiom. Tonight, he’s an off-the-rails Gene Krupa going “Bang! Clang! Thump!” in the kitchen at 3am. Obscured between Kuepper’s solo classics, The Saints classic ‘Know your Product’ begins as some kind of indecipherable scribble on a bathroom wall. The audience seem puzzled as to what the fuck Kuepper is doing to their beloved song. But, as the song reaches its coda, Ed turns to his trusty timekeeper and hollers a “One, two, three, four!” like he’s 22 and full of virility. The song rapidly transforms into a fast, adrenalin-fuelled version that’s easily the highlight of the night.

The pair’s influences shine through in the covers splattered across both sets, tracing their musical steps from the Velvet Underground through to the Rolling Stones and Peggy Lee, with Kuepper’s very electric guitar mixed through an array of digital effects.

Spontaneity and chemistry is the glue that keeps Kuepper and Wegener’s wall of noise from tumbling into messy improvisation. Unless you have a Masters degree in Kueppology, one couldn’t decipher the premeditated from the random. Such talent only comes from players who have locked in together for over 25 years.


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