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Useful links...

Ed @bandcamp arrow. New web forum for Ed (July 2012) - downloads and out of print stuff

Ed Kuepper Messageboard A good meeting place for Ed fans everywhere!

Prince Melon Label blogspotexternal Check the updates and releases from the Prince Melon label!

Hot/Didgeridoo Records Australia and UK

Ed's page at myspace.comEd at myspace.com Check out Ed's own space on myspace!

Laughing Clowns at myspace.comLaughing Clowns at myspace.com Likewise, the Clowns have their space...

The Aints at myspace.comThe Aints at myspace.com ...and so has The Aints!

Check out YouTubeab for a LOT of Ed videos.

Feel Ed's current promotor

David Pestorius Project with ongoing info on Ed's MFLL Project

Howlspace has got an 40 minute video interview with Ed from mid-january 2001, conducted by Ed Nimmervoll.

The most primitive band in the world – A terrific Oz-based site on the "original" Saints.

The Saints Directory – another great site with a lot of Saints info

Magnus Bomans comprehensive Laughing Clowns annotated discography
Magnus and I exchange information.

Inner City Sound – a great resource for unofficial live recordings. Only for traders.

What does Nick Cave and Ed Kuepper have in common? A short comparision by a Cave fan.

Australian Rock Database which is yet another Swedish discography site (here is a direct link to the Ed discography)

Search for Ed Kuepper at All Music dot com – Lot of reviews and biographies!

A Guide To Australia – everything you ever wanted to know about Oz!

The Rough Guide To Rock have some info about Ed, the Clowns and Saints.

One of my favourite rock publications: the Trouser Press articles on Ed Kuepper and Laughing Clowns.

The Ultimate Band List