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Picture gallery

Thanks to Ed and Judi and everyone else involved in making these pictures official.

Promotional shot of Ed and Jeff, June 2005

• Ed and Jeffrey live at the Troubadour in Brisbane, April 2005

• Ed and Jeffrey Wegener, live in Europe, 2004

The Cornish Arms, July 2002

Oxley Creek Playboys, live 1997 and 2000

Ed solo, live at the Sydney Opera House and other venues, 1999 and 2001

Ed and Simon, live in Melbourne (?), 2000

Ed live in Melbourne , 2002. Recently found these pics, and I've forgotten where I gotten them from... Sincere apologies to the photographer - and if you got clues, please let me know!

Laughing Clowns, promo shots 1983. Wonderful photos by Judi Dransfield!

Ed live at the Gov, July 2005. Pics from www.sablues.org [Where you also can find a video clip from the gig!]

Ed live at the NSC, July 2005. Pics from Andrew J Cosgriff

Ed live in Perth, July 2005. pics from Tim Fairbanks

Ed with Jeff and Peter Oxley live at The Vanguard, Sydney. Many thanks to Karena!

Live at the NSC 6 July. Colourful photos by Mende!

Live in Brisbane with Jane Elliott (cello), August 2005. Photos by Judi Dransfield.

• Remember it well! See Ed and Saint's drummer Ivor Hay at former Oxley boy John Lindsay's engagement party in 1973! Thanks John! :-)

Live pics from NSC on 30 November 2006 - thanks Mende! :-)

• Some pics from London gig(s) 2007

Saints re-union gig at the Pig City show July 14, 2007...

• Parts of The Kowalski Collektive, September 2007

• The Kowalski Collective live in East Brunswick, October 2007

• Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey - live and low key in Melbourne, 16 May 2010. Pictures by Mende.