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Everybody's Got To, lyrics

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Everybody's Got To
Too Many Clues
When There's This Party
Standing In The Cold, In The Rain
Lonely Paradise
Burned My Fingers
Not A Soul Around
Nothing Changes In My House
Spartan Sprirituals
No Skin Off Your Nose

- - - - - - - -

EVERYBODY'S GOT TO  [back to top]

Lifeline is broken
and you're lost on the river
and I feel I should tell you
That I
sure love affection
but then
not when I'm drivin'
prefer the service station
better use our imagination
The bit that survives translation
mama's little baby wandered
far from home and in the
driving wind you're gone a long
long time
well I sure don't want to dredge the river for you
for the lack of affection
and everybody's got to
be with somebody
can't offer pity but I'll
help carry your cross
when the phony magicians
try to squander your beauty
when you're parked by the river
and you're bogged down
and muddy

TOO MANY CLUES  [back to top]

Well there's a chance
to break it open wide
but you find too many
clues in this room
and now chance
is not on your side
so you walk among
the ruins as a spring bride
well some folks know
and some folks don't
and some folks hide it
in an overcoat
you never seem to overcome
this mountain of mistrust
and there's just
too many clues
in this room.

- - - - - - - -

WHEN THERE'S THIS PARTY  [back to top]

Here in this town
it's pouring rain
with windows cellophaned
with very sexy pictures
so turn the T.V. way down low
and stop the endless flow
of lies and propaganda
'cause there's this party
in my soul right now
I call it passion in the home
when there's this party
in the home
call it passion in the soul
a mood of something after dark
to mend decaying hearts
or alternate the answers
and with your rings of brass & gold
we might move down the road
to the house that has no windows.

- - - - - - - -


Well I'm standing in a comer
with a privileged girl
and I remember how much
that used to excite me then
but we were caught blue handed
the double standards
of our love meant nothing
when I saw you
saw you standing
in the cold in the rain
so we saved what we could
then tried to hold up
the saddest sounds
and tell a different story
but I can't help it
if I'm lucky
so when you come on
down to my place
wear your little raincoat
for when we're
in the cold, in the rain 

- - - - - - - -

LONELY PARADISE  [back to top]

When I'm with you
it feels like such
a lonely paradise
so pardon me, sir
a room with a view
surrounded by golden light
a servant that's slightly drunk
the wide open sky
the world was so warm
and our hope was so infinite
now we're just slightly drunk
and as you go on your way
I just don't know what to say
This room with no view
no sounds from the road
we travelled on and travelled fast
when everyone else had left
no scratches or wounds
no letters or photos
echoes of a lonely life
resting upon your shelf
and as you go on your way
I just don't know what to say
'cause when I'm with you
it feels like such a lonely paradise.

- - - - - - - - 

BURNED MY FINGERS  [back to top]

The sun was blinding
it was in my eyes
The sand was burning
and my skin was dry
I burned my fingers
on a page of your book
some lines just walked
and then that's all that it took
sometimes we kept it
sometimes we gave it away
I followed in your lightest
footsteps that day
so what do you see
when you're with me
I can't tell by the look
in your eyes
Thought that I knew
from the dumb things
I d heard
it was a fire that
we just couldn't stop
and its hard to know
when things are really cheaper
than the way they look
how was I to know
when I burned my fingers
on a page of your book.

- - - - - - - -

NOT A SOUL AROUND  [back to top]

I know you thought
I was that broke-back
that you saw
we don't look the same
how many times
did you call when it was late
and use another name?
an incredible fool
you've been
and when you went
to the place where you
were born
it was a beautiful house
I saw but there was
not a soul around
I know its cheap
but this feeling I can't hide
when all the pleasure is mine
you d be the first wife
on the second block
it must be for the third time. 

- - - - - - - -


Well there should be some
lesson in this whole thing
some reason
and she came to a halt
is there something that
you want from me?
have I said I do
do I remind you of someone
that you know?
because nothing changes
in my house anyway
because nothing changes
in my house
you can put away your
detective stuff heard
her say
because nothing changes
in my house
well she was beautiful
but not too dutiful my glass
needed filling and then
a slow thoughtful smile
came over her face
I want to live with her
both night and day
because nothing changes in her house
because nothing changes in her house
I can put away my detective stuff
heard her say
because nothing changes in her house.

- - - - - - - - 


There's a murmur in the dark
a rifle's bark
we moved like swimmers
as the shadows fell
your stinking luck
leads to a room in hell
so sing your spartan spirituals
you try to bend my fractured will
tomorrow morning
I will have left this hated town
the signs of target practice
there's damp and smell of powder in the air
and your stinking luck
leads to a hell somewhere.

- - - - - - - - 

NO SKIN OFF YOUR NOSE  [back to top]

You never sleep and if you do
not for long
press your knuckles on the tiles
see the white show through
you' re standing just a foot away
from the throng
climb up on a chair
to see whatever is on top of there
it's no skin off your nose
you don't move
your heart is shut like a
security door
everybody grins at you
it's like they like you too much
living here is holding your head
over a heater all day
you'll see what went wrong
even if you slip and you're not
so young
they'd charge for everything
didn't matter a bit
nothing for nothing they'd say
but they're not really there.

- - - - - - - -

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