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Courier Mail (AUS), January 2006

This is the third part of an epic clearing of the creative decks for the Brisbane songwriter, following the release of box sets by his earlier bands, The Saints and Laughing Clowns. This covers his solo years from 1986 to 2000, an amazingly fertile period of 20 or so albums, andits 49 tracks do a splendid job of skimming the cream.

Those who only know the bare bones of the Kuepper story might be surprised at the diversity of music and depth of songcraft on display, moving from the lean lines of Kuepper in duo mode with drummer Mark Dawson (see I Wish You Were Here) to towering, Neil Young-ish guitar rock (an in-concert version of Electrical Storm); sublimely catchy pop tunes (La Di Doh) and the more intricate details from 1996's Frontierland.

There is blistering rock from an outfit dubbed with trademark Kuepper dry humour, as The Aints, and stark honesty on By The Way, a song from 1992 which is as good a way to remember the 90's as any.

When the history of Australian rock is written – properly, that is – Kuepper will be rightly seen as one of its major figures. He's a true original.

In a world where so much mediocre rock music is presented as essential listening, Magic Mile is the real thing!

***** 5 (of 5) stars

Noel Mengel

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