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Cruel, But Fair
[Cruel But Fair cover]  


  1. Eternally Yours (Single version)
  2. As Your Bridges Burn Behind You
  3. Law Of Nature
  4. The Flypaper
  5. Everything That Flies
  6. No Words Of Honour
  7. New Bully In The Town
  8. Year Of The Bloated Goat
  9. Diabolic Creature
  10. Monkey See, Monkey Do
  11. Possessions
  12. Written In Exile
  13. Winter's Way
  14. Crystal Clear
  15. Eternally Yours (Original album version)


  1. Holy Joe
  2. Theme From 'Mad Flies, Mad Flies'
  3. Every Dog Has Its Day
  4. That's The Way It Goes
  5. Come One, Come All
  6. Ghost Beat
  7. Knife In The Head
  8. The Laughing Clowns
  9. Eulogy?
  10. I Want To Scream
  11. Lucky Days
  12. Sometimes
  13. Nothing That Harms
  14. Clown Town
  15. Fire Might Fall
  16. The Crying Dance
  17. When What You See


  1. Mr Uddich-Smuddich Goes To Town
  2. Ghost Of An Ideal Wife
  3. The Only One That Knows
  4. Collapse Board
  5. Stinking To High Heaven
  6. Don't Know What I Want
  7. Eating Off The Floor
  8. Laughter Around The Table
  9. Bride Of Jesus
  10. In Front Of Your Eyes
  11. It Gets So Sentimental
  12. Mr Ridiculous
  13. The Year Is More Important
  14. Just Because I Like
  15. Song Of Joy  
  16. Times Not Hit But Missed

Hot Records, #HOT1088

Compilation, 3CD box

Official release in October 2005. This album can be pre-ordered through Hot Records, more info here!

Read the press release!