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Single review

Sounds Magazine (UK), October 1976

(I'm) Stranded (7" single) [album info]

Fatal MA-7142

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There's a tendency to blabber mindlessly about this single, it's too bloody incredible. This Queensland combo had to record and release on their own label; for some reason Australian record companies think the band lack commercial potential. What a bunch of idiots.

You like Quo or The Ramones? This pounds them all into dirt. Hear it once and you'll never forget it. The singing's flat and disinterested, the guitars are on full stun. There's no such thing as a middle eight. It's fabulous.

The flip, No Time, isn't quite as cataclysmic, but the guitars are great, a manic grind that winds up faster and faster until it blows your head off. Made to play REAL LOUD. Until some record company gets wise to the best single this year you'll have to spend 90p for the first one and 60p for each additional copy to: Eternal Productions, 20 Lawson St., Oxley 4075, Queensland, Australia.

Do it today.

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Review by John Ingham


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