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Real Wild Life - Retrospective, Vol 1
  1. Real Wild Life
  2. If I Had A Ticket
  3. Baby Well I
  4. La Di Doh
  5. Also Sprach The King of Euro Disco
  6. Ghost Of An Ideal Wife
  7. A Good Soundtrack (Pushin' Fear)
  8. Sleepy Head (serene machine)
  9. Honey Steels' Gold
  10. Black Ticket Day
  11. The Way I Make You Feel
  12. It's Lunacy
  13. I Still Call This Failure
  14. I Wish You Were Here
  15. Fireman Joe
  16. Weepin' Willow
  17. Eternally Yours
  18. Married To My Lazy life

Tronador Records #TMSS23


Released 2004