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Article and interview (audio)
ABC Radio website (AUS) , 18 February 2005
Ed Kuepper Talks
Interview with Ed and David Pestorius by Bernadette Young
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For over twenty years, Ed Kuepper has been regarded as one of Australia's foremost musicians. He's in Perth for his latest project, a film collaboration called 'Ed Kuepper MFFL'

Ed began his career in the 70s with Brisbane punk band The Saints. Subsequently he formed The Laughing Clowns, before garnering worldwide critical acclaim as a solo artist. But what's the MFLL Show? asks Bernadette Young.

"A live performance of instrumental music to a series of contemporary films that were inspired by some older films by sort of I guess avante-garde film maker Len Lye", explains the musician. He goes on to mention that they're short silent films.

Bernadette's ears prick up when Ed mentions 'spontaneity' in the context of the performance where the images are pre-determined.

Mr Kuepper reckons that there's a lot of room for spontaneity in such a process and has a go at explaining how, before uttering a phrase that many artists and their fans know only too well. "I'm sorry that language obscures everything", says Mr Kuepper apologetically.

Kuepper fans will know what he means. Suffice to say that a lot of folk won't give a toss for this. Others will be mesmerised to hear a revered artist who seldom grants interviews talking about what he does, even tho' he just knows that words are getting in the way. Please click onto our audio.

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As heard on 720 Afternoons with Bernadette Young. Ed Kuepper's MFFL is at the Somerville Auditorium at the University of Western Australia on the 19th & 20th February at 8pm.

Ed Kuepper is dazzled by Bernadette Young

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