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The sordid past of Captain Shark...

News and tidbits from 2008 and 2009

More from Annie! [2009-03-20]
More podcasts from Annie Viglielmo - interview with Ed and also Saints history! Go here and click on the links... Thanks, Anne. Enjoy! :-)

Tour dates for the Bad Seeds! [2009-03-20]
Bad Seeds tour dates for Australia and Europe. Australian shows will include the Laughing Clowns!

Ed becomes a Bad Seed! [2009-02-15]
Ed will join Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds for a summer tour of festivals in Europe. Read the Bad Seeds press release.

More on Nick & Ed: the March issue of Mojo Magazine has Nick on the cover and a special on the Bad Seeds. On the companion CD of Australian landmarks the opening track is '(This) Perfect Day' by The Saints.

Pictures from Mt Buller festival! [2009-01-21]
With many thanks to James Edge, this site can proudly present some nice pictures from the Saints and Clowns reunion gigs at the Mt Buller festival in Victoria! Please join in! Thanks, James!

Update: Clowns and Saints lineups! [2009-01-07]
Almost in original lineups, Clowns and Saints, will be on the road shorty - Here's the update!

Clowns and Saints reunions! [2008-12-28]
Great news on the last days of the year - both Laughing Clowns and Saints will re-unite and play some gigs early 2009! Wow! Read more...

Additions to the Prince Melon bootleg series [2008-12-28]
Three more installments in the Prince Melon bootleg series is going to be avaiable in early 2009. The complete HSG show - both audio and video! - and also a disc with solo, duo and trio performance will be available! More info on Ed's myspace site.

A year ends... [2008-12-20]
I would like to thank you all for the past year - all contributions and kind words, it really warms my heart. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :-)

Back to life...[2008-12-20]
Hi everybody! Feels like I've been gone a long time... If you forgive me a minute, I'm going to be personal here, I just been through my worst diskcrash (yet?), my hard drive went to [literally] to pieces and I've been without my macbook seven weeks or so. That wasn't so bad as it sounds, but the real itch is that a lot of data disappeared with the crash, in spite of always backing up and trying to have multiple copies of stuff, there's still things missing. Including some work for the kuepperfiles, as pictures is gone, unfortunately. I haven't entirerly given up on restoring more stuff and I will keep on working on it. That's my minute, I guess. Sorry for not updating as I should have. Missed a few gigs during november (they went well, though, so I've been informed ;) and for those of you who were there, I'm happy for you! :-)

For those of you who still haven't heard the Prince Melon bootleg series of live albums... What are you waiting for? ;-)

New live albums rocks! [2008-08-26]
Volume 2 and 3 of the Prince Melon Bootleg series really rocks!

I stand corrected... again. [2008-08-26]
The discussion of these pictures... when and where? Now, directly from the horse's mouth, the matter's settled...

Corrected date on Melbourne pics... [2008-08-21]
During a long time I haven't been sure of when these pictures where taken - but now, thanks to Mende, we've established that they are from 2004 and not 2002. Thanks again, M! :-)

More podcasts from Annie! [2008-08-21]
Once again, the great Annie Viglielmo has produced a podcast with talk and music from Ed while on tour in Europe - Berlin and Paris. Go to the Meltingpod[arrow] site and enjoy!

Review from iBar94 [2008-08-21]
iBar94 reviews the Ed Kuepper Live Volume 1 album (aka the tour cd), read the review here.

Jeff blogs on Clowns [2008-08-21]
From RLM on the Ed Kuepper Messageboard: Jeffrey is blogging on the Laughing Clowns myspage site. And it's a great read. Go there...[arrow]

Free download [2008-08-17]
A free download of a live show at JWC November 2007 is available at the Prince Melon myspage page[arrow]. Just follow the links (or ask me).

Two more live cd's [2008-08-17]
Two more live cd's in the Prince Melon 'bootleg' series are now available. Buy them at PM myspage or download them from iTunes, Amazon mp3, etc... Look here for more info[arrow].

Live appearances in August [2008-07-30]
A few shows has been announced for August. More info here...

Prince Melon has a page of it's own! [2008-07-29]
The more than famous Prince Melon Records label now has a myspage page of its own! There you can find details on available and forthcoming releases and projects. Go to Prince Melon My Space page.

2008 tour CD for sale [2008-07-28]
The 2008 live cd which been for sale on Ed's latest Euro tour is now available at Ed's myspace-site! The CD is the first of a coming series of limited releases on the Prince Melon label which only will be available at shows or online. This first one however, is also available at iTunes, Amazon mp3, eMusic and other digital stores. Future releases will probably also be available in this format.

Prince Melon label returns with live Tour CD [2008-05-18]
The famous Prince Melon Records label has been revived and reinstated - and the first release is a live cd only to be for sale on tour and not in regular shops, at least not yet, says Ed, who has a come across a pile of live recordings from recent years... [Read more]

OK, so now I've finally... [2008-05-18]
...seen Ed live for the very first time! And it was good! :-) Read my short notes (I won't call it review!) on the subject. It rocked.

Gig poster from FlyByNight club in Fremantle [2008-05-16]
Very nice poster from the Fremantle gig last November - many thanks to Warwick! :-)

T-shirts [2008-05-16]
Yellow Dog t-shirts - lookie lookie at the nicely design chest warmer! (Pictures soon!) Check out Ed's myspace page for more info and ordering.

Catching up... last Oz gig before Euro tour [2008-05-09]
Ed and Jeff do a final gig in Brisbane before departing on the European adventure avec Nick Cave et al. E & J plays at the Troubadour on Friday 9th May.

More Ed videos on YouTube [2008-01-15]
Just a reminder to check out YouTube for a LOT of Ed videos... Go!

Podcast interviews and live video [2008-01-14]
It's a pleasure introducing podcasts to you! Annie Viglielmo has done a new interview with Ed in December 2007 - more than an hour's worth! Ed speaks about the Jean Lee album and more! Read more and listen to the podcasts here. You can also go to Annie's MeltingpodMeltingpod site to listen and leave comments! On the MeltingpodMeltingpod site (or YouTube) you can also watch a video of Ed performing The Way I Made You Feel on RocKwiz TV. Great stuff!

Happy New Year!
I would like to wish you all the best for the new year – and also send some very special thanks to all of you who have in one way or another contributed to the site. Thank you very much!

I listened to Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti album just the other day, and there's a fantastic song (there are only fantastic songs on that album, in my opinion :-) - but anyway, this was Ten Years Gone - and I realized it is more than ten years since The Kuepper Files first saw the light of day. Time is an amazing thing. Days can go slow, but years run quickly. I hope to continue this for another ten years - and I hope that Ed and all you other folks out there does too! And hopefully longer still. Keep the fire burning! :-)

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