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Live in Stockholm... and more
Annexet, Globen in Stockholm, Sweden, 17 May 2008
Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener plays support act for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

The gig

About 19.45 this Saturday evening Ed and Jeff entered the stage. Venue holds about 3500 and it was sold out. They received a warm welcome and someone shouted out "We love you Ed" after the first song. Ed gave out some truffels and the atmosphere was on top! They started out with Hang Jean Lee in a proper tempo and kept the intensity at a good, high level - continuing with Little Fiddle and Rainy Night. The gig lasting about 40 minutes and never lost nerve. A varied set of songs spanning from two from the latest album, Jean Lee, and both Clowns theme The Laughing Clowns and more rarely heard blues cover Cyprus Groove got played before they ended with a version of Eternally Yours - with Ed playing stick on his guitar and leaving it with feedback before Jeff terminated the song and they took their bows.

Being support act always has it drawbacks, of course, so the lighting wasn't exactly thrilling, but I don't think anyone minded considering the energy that was happening on stage.

This was my first time seeing Ed live and I really, really enjoyed the gig. Strangely it felt like I had been there before - but hearing so many live recordings and seeing pictures (i guess) made it feel strangely familiar - in a good way! :-) It just sort of confirmed what I hoped it would be like. I can just imagine the feeling with a full band... Hopefully it won't take forever before I get to see him live again.

The setlist (as I recall it) was

Hang Jean Lee
Little Fiddle
Rainy Night
Cyprus Grove
The Laughing Clowns
Eternally Yours

New live cds and return of famous label

An interesting thing for die-hard fans is that there was a new live cd for sale at the show. And as it happens, Ed has come across a number of live recording from (as I understood it) recent years. The quality varies but apparently many of the recordings sound very well. Most of these are however not notated and documentet proplerly, so origins, venues and dates are sometimes missing.

The plan is to press cds of the best of these recordings and for that purpose Ed has revived the famous Prince Melon label.

These live recordings will mainly be sold at concerts in the future and not through regular channels. At least not for now.
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