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Reviews, interviews and other publications

Here I have collected some reviews and articles concerning our dear Ed, The [original] Saints and Laughing Clowns. Many thanks to Mende and others for providing several articles, transcripts and scanned pictures! Also there are a couple of sound clips from various interviews.


Articles, interviews and live reviews     [top]

Two clips on Ed, December 2012 of the latest live 'on-request' shows
• Imran Shahid on the altmedia.net.auarrow website
• Emma Galliott, mydailynews.com.au arrow

Interview - on themusic.com.au website
A trick or Two. When Brisbane musician Ed Kuepper was gifted the Grant McLennan Lifetime Achievement Award at the Queensland Music Awards last August, few in attendance would have been able to mount an argument against... Read it all!

Live review, The Vanguard, November 2006
Jenny Valentish' review of The Vanguard gig from Drum Media mag.

Live teaser article from Inpress, October 2006
Small teaser note for the live shows in November - here.

Interviews from Tarantula, brella.org
I've linked to two of these interviews previously, but now there are transcripts of those interviews locally on the site and also a third, newer one. Read them here: March 2002, May 2004and July 2005. Interviews by Chris Hollow.

Article on haikureview.com, date unknown
Article on the Len Lye shows. Read the article here or go to the haikureview homepage.

Live review , Inpress Magazine, March 2006
Read the glorious review of the Corner Hotel gig

Article, Beat Magazine, Feb 2006 (pdf file)
Click to open in a new window

Article in Sydney Morning Herald, 11 Feb 2006 (pdf file)
"I'm Not History" - click to open in a new window

Article, Drum Media, 17 Jan 2006 (pdf file)
"Check your Ed" - click to open in a new window (or magic-click to download)

Interview, The Age (Melbourne), 7 Oct 2005
New interview from The Age.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 17 Sep 2005
Article and interview with Ed.

Interview, The Age (Melbourne), 11 Sep 2005
Interview with Ed on the new Clowns comp and more...

Live review, MFLL, Real Time Arts, July 2005
Review of the MFLL show, July. Read it.

Live review, Beat Magazine, July 2005
Northcote Social Club, 27 July, read on...

Live review, unknown source, July 2005
The Gov, July 6. Read it here.

Live review, Beat Magazine, June 2005
Northcote Social Club, 18th May from Beat Magazine.

Reviews of the Vanguard gig in Sydney, May 2005
Two reviews of the Vanguard gig – Drum Media and fasterandlouder.com.

Review, Inpress Magazine, Melbourne, May 2005
Review of the Northcote Social Club gig from Inpress Magazine.

Review, The Age, Melbourne, May 2005
Northcote Social Club. Read the full review here.

Blurb, 4zZz 102.1 FM Brisbane, April 2005
Read it.

Review, The Courier Mail, April 2005
Review of the Troubador gigs. Read it .

Radio Playlist and more, 4zZz 102.1 FM Brisbane, March 2005
Aussie Bar-B-Q: Ed recap and playlist on 4zZz radio. The Kuepper Files gets a first (to my knowledge) official mentioning :-) Read it here.

Interview, Timeoff Magazine, March 2005
New interview from Timeoff Magazine by Donat Tahiraj. Read it here.

Article, FasterLouder website, March 2005
Check out the short article and a very nice picture of Ed at fasterlouder.com.au.[external link] Or, you can read it here.

Review of the MFLL (Music For Len Lye) show, March 2003
Australian Centre of Moving Image. Review from the Melbourne Times.

Top 100 Scorchers, Mojo Magazine, October 2001
Mojo Magazine did a Top 100 list of very 'punk' singles of 1977, Saints made two top spots.

Review, Time Off, December 2004
Review of MFLL gig at the Pestorius Sweeney House on December 11. TimeOff Magazine.

Interview, Time Off, December 2004
Interview with Ed and Jeffrey Wegener just previous to their gig at the Pestorius Sweeney House on December 11. TimeOff Magazine.

New interview at Tarantula, May 2004
Article and interview with Ed from Tarantula at www.brella.org. Interview by Christopher Hollow. It's up there together with an older one. Lot of nice [familiar] pictures too... ;-)

Article on Ed from Sydney Morning Herald, May 2004
Article and interview with Ed from the SMH on May 12, 2004. Go there or read it here. Thanks to Tim.

Interview and documentary (sound clip) from Triple J, May 2002
Interview and documentary from Triple J, the "J Files", from May 2002. Check the Triple J website or listen here (mp3 file, circa 17 minutes).

Ed interview at brella.org, March 2002
My friend Dan found an interview with Ed from March, 2002. You can find it at www.brella.org. Scroll down a bit...

Saints one-off reunion 2001
The Saints one-off reunion in September 2001, full article and picture!

Hit Magazine, March 1994
An article from Hit Magazine, March 1994.

Bucketful Of Brains, magazine, April 1993
Interview, article and also a short discography by Jon Storey from Bucketful of Brains magainze, April 1993 (pdf).

Album reviews     [top]

Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog
Wireless Bollinger, December 2007

Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog
Beat Magazine review, October 2007

This Is The Magic Mile and Cruel But Fair
Great review from The Wire, UK, March 2006

This Is The Magic Mile
Review from Uncut, UK, March issue 2006

This Is The Magic Mile
Review from Courier Mail , AUS, January 2006

This Is The Magic Mile
Review from Daily Telegraph, AUS, January 2006

This Is The Magic Mile, 3 CD Box Set
Review from Newcastle Herald, AUS, December 2005

Laughing Clowns - Cruel But Fair, 3 CD Box Set
Review from Rythms, December 2005

Laughing Clowns - Cruel But Fair, 3 CD Box Set
Review from Uncut Magazine, January 2006

This Is The Magic Mile, 3 CD Box Set
Review from Sydney Morning Herald, AUS, 30 December 2005
(Note: this review was also published at The Age website.)

Laughing Clowns - Cruel, But Fair, 3 CD Box Set
Review from Times, UK, 16 December 2005

Laughing Clowns - Cruel, But Fair, 3 CD Box Set
Review from i94 Bar web magazine, AUS, December 2005

Laughing Clowns - Cruel, But Fair, 3 CD Box Set
A review from Time Off Magazine, AUS, November 2005

Laughing Clowns - Cruel, But Fair, 3 CD Box Set
A review from Sunday Times, UK, October 2005

The Saints - All Times Through Paradise, 4 CD Box Set
Review from Mojo Magazine , UK, July 2004

The Saints - All Times Through Paradise, 4 CD Box Set
A review from Sunday Times, UK, August 2004

The Saints - I'm Stranded, 7"
The very first review of the debut single, Sounds Magazine, October 1976

Today Wonder - remastered and expanded
Review from Inpress Magazine, 22 May, 2002.

Frontierland, Starstruck and Live! Review from Q Magazine, May 2000.

The Blue House Review from Q Magazine, December 1999.

The Wheelie Bin Affair Review from Q Magazine, January 1998.

Starstruck Review from Q Magazine, November 1997.

Frontierland and Starstruck Review from Mojo Magazine, August 1997.

Honey Steel's Gold Review from The West Australian, March 1992

Press releases     [top]

Press release for Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog, September 2007
Press release from Didgeridoo for the Jean Lee album. Read it.

Press release for the Laughing Clowns compilaton "Cruel But Fair", August 2005
Finally... What we all have been waiting for: the ultimate Laughing Clowns compilation! Read the press release.

Press release for the tour of April/May 2005
After a successful month at The Troubadour in Brisbane, it's time for a short'n sweet tour... Feel Presents proudly introduces... Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener Live! Including a gig together with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in Melbourne.

Press release for the new release of Today Wonder
May, 2002 saw this wonderful release. Read (or download) the press sheet in pdf here.

Press release for the spring tour of Australia 2002
For the first time in ten years he will be touring with a four-piece band! Have a look at the Exploding Universe of Ed Kuepper (and download the pdf-file) here!

Press release for the Oxley Creek Playboys
Touring Australia in 1997/98... Here's the Oxley Creek Playboys!

Press release for Smile... Pacific
Press release for the release of Smile... Pacific (MS Word document).

Miscalleneous     [top]

Poster from a gig in Fremantle, November 2007, kindly supplied by Warwick!

Excerts from Stranded (pdf), a book painting a picture of the musical life by our heroes in Australia by Clinton Walker.

Handwritten setlists from the gig at The Troubadour, April 2005.

Tour poster from the gig at The Gov, July 7, 2005. This is nice!

Poster from the Oxley Creek Playboys at Prince Wales Hotel, Melbourne

Poster for the MFLL Tour 2004

Poster from the Exploding Universe era, circa 2002

Set list from a gig in Melbourne, April 2002

Picture/press thing for the Oxley Creek Playboys Live album (I think!)

Swedish promo poster from the 1991 tour

Sound clips     [top]

Radio special on The Saints!
Radio special on The Saints to listen to/download at Revolution Rock. Broadcasted in February 2011.

More audio/podcast from Meltingpod/Annie Viglielmo - interview and Saints history...
-- Ed interview
-- The Saints in Brisbane : From Scool to I'm Stranded
-- The Saints in London : From Eternally yours to Prehistoric Sounds

Audio/podcast interview from Meltingpod/Annie Viglielmo, December 2007
Ed on Jean Lee album. More details and links here.

Jim Reid covers I'm Stranded from Mojo Mag cover CD, February 2007
Specially recorded for Mojo Magazine - click to listen (about 30 seconds, 128kbps, mp3)

Electrical Storm, 2006 live rehearsal recording
Click to listen (128kbps, mp3)

Interview from ABC Radio (Aus), February 2005
Interview with Ed and David Pestorius from the ABC Radio website (requires Real Player). Or read the story index and listen to the interview from this website (mp3 file). Circa 7 minutes.

Interview from Triple J, July 2004
Interview with Ed just before the MFLL tour. From the Triple J radio station. (mp3, 8 minutes)

Triple J: The J-files, November 2000
Three sound clips from a J-File interview from the Australian radio station Triple J in November 2000. Check their website or listen to the sound clips here (mp3 files):

Ed on The Saints: about starting the band (1.07) | early gigs (0.50) | the break up (2.58)

Triple J, The J-Files, May 2002
An Ed Kuepper documentary, also from the J-Files, May, 2002. Listen here (mp3-file, circa 17 minutes) or go to their website.