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Electrical Storm 21 years!

It is 21 years since Ed's first solo album, Electrical Storm, was released. Hopefully this will result in a re-issue [this is purely speculation from me, at this point, I've heard nothing official of it as yet] and perhaps noticed in other ways too!

As a taste of this anniversary, I am very proud to present a rehearsal recording of the title track, by Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski Collective, recorded live at Everest Royal Sound Recorders to celibrate the 21st of the original album.

Most likely there will also be some special live shows later this year. For more news, keep your eyes at this site. Many thanks to Ed himself of course, for supplying this song.

And now... (click to listen!)

Electrical Storm – live at Everest Royal Recorders, 4:19, 128kbps mp3