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The Ed Kuepper Song Index

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Song title Album Note
Palace Of Sin Electrical Storm  
  The Way I Made You Feel CD-single  
Paul and Laurie Have A Party Starstruck  
Pay Me My Money Down Smile... Pacific  
Pennies From Him Starstruck  
Perry Rests His Case All Of These Things, part 2 CD-single  
Pissed Off A King In The Kindness Room See also Wasn't I Pissed Off Today
  Heart Of New Wave  
  Sings His Greatest Hits For You  
Pleading Ignorance Starstruck  
Poor Howard Frontierland
  With A Knapsack On My Back Live
  Out-takes, Castaways, Pirate Women and... Different (earlier) mix
Poor Little Fool Live! Live
Possessions Law Of Nature  
  Heart Of New Wave  
  Golden Days  
  Cruel, But Fair  
Pretty Mary Today Wonder  
  Legendary Bully  
  Today Wonder Remaster Live
  This Is The Magic Mile Live
(The) Prisoner Prehistoric Sounds  
  Wild About You  
  All Times Through Paradise  
Private Affair Eternally Yours  
  Know Your Product  
  Wild About You  
  All Times Through Paradise 2 different versions
(Pushin' Fear) A Good Soundtrack Character Assassination See also A Good Soundtrack and Year Of The Bloated Goat
  Death To The Howdy-Doody Brigade Undubbed
Pushin' Fear II Frontierland See also A Good Soundtrack