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Character Assassination
  1. By The Way 4.02
  2. Little Fiddle (and The Ghost Of XMas Past) 4.10
  3. The Cockfighter 3.43
  4. My Best Interests At Heart 4.27
  5. Take It By The Hand 3.45
  6. La Di Doh 4.55
  7. I'm With You 3.06
  8. Ill Wind 6.37
  9. So Close To Certainty 4.41
  10. A Good Soundtrack (Pushin' Fear) 3.30
  11. Ring Of Fire 4.04
  12. If I Had A Ticket 2.53

Hot Records, #HOT1049

Released August 1994

Produced by Ed Kuepper and Phil Punch

In some territories released as a double cd with Death To The Howdy Doody Brigade as the second disc.

Ed Kuepper - acoustic, electric and elastic stringed guitar, some bass, a bottle and vocals
Mark Dawson - drums, percussion
Barry Turnbull - some bass
Linda Neil - violins
Naomi Star - backing vocals
Toni Mott - backing vocals
Miroslav Bukovsky, Julian Gough and Herb Cannon - horns
Charlie McMahon - didgeridoo
Jim Conway - harmonica and jew's harp
Peter Burgess - washboard