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The Ed Kuepper Song Index

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Song title Album Note
Daddy's Girl Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog  
Delegatin' for the Masses Cloudland  
Demolition Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog  
Demolition girl Stranded  
  Know Your Product  
  Wild About You 2 different versions
  All Times Through Paradise 4 different versions
Diabolic Creature Ghost Of An Ideal Wife  
  Cruel, But Fair  
Dispatch From The High Castle The Blue House  
(The) Diving Board A King In The Kindness Room  
Do The Robot Know Your Product See also International Robots
  Scarce Saints/Hymns Of Oblivion  
  The Most Primitive Band In The World Live
  Wild About You  
  All Times Through Paradise 3 different versions
Do You Love Me Exotic Mail Order Moods  
Reflections Of Ol' Golden Eye  
Don't Say, You Don't Say Cloudland  
(The) Drunken Sailor The Blue House  
Duplex Planet The Blue House