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Death To The Howdy-Doody Brigade
  1. By The Way 4.04
  2. Little Fiddle (and The Ghost Of XMas Past) 4.23
  3. The Cockfighter 3.43
  4. My Best Interests At Heart 4.27
  5. Take It By The Hand 3.46
  6. La Di Doh 5.07
  7. I'm With You 3.06
  8. Ill Wind 6.37
  9. So Close To Certainty 4.44
  10. A Good Soundtrack (Pushin' Fear) 3.36
  11. Ring Of Fire 4.04
  12. Number Ten 2.40

Contains the undubbed master versions of all songs but one (If I Had A Ticket) from Character Assassination and one new song, Number Ten (12).

Number Ten is essentially an acoustic re-write of Untitled by The Saints (from their Eternally Yours album).

This album was never released on its own, only as the second disc of the Character Assassination album (in some territories).

Cat no and release, same as Character Assassination.

Produced by Ed Kuepper and Phil Punch

Ed Kuepper - acoustic guitar, vocals and basically everything else you can hear (except drums)
Mark Dawson - drums