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The Ed Kuepper Song Index

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Song title Album Note
Farewell Sparky the Improviser Fireman Joe Part 2, CD-single
(The) Favourite Angel Starstruck  
Fever Smile... Pacific
  This Is The Magic Mile
Finding You Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog  
(The) Fire Might Fall Laughing Clowns  
  Cruel, But Fair  
Fireman Joe Fireman Joe Part 1, CD-single  
  Fireman Joe Part 2, CD-single  
  Real Wild Life (Compilation)  
  This Is The Magic Mile  
(The) First Final Program The Blue House  
(The) Flypaper Ghost Of An Ideal Wife  
  Golden Days  
  Cruel, But Fair  
Friday's Blue Cheer/Libertines of Oxley Honey Steel's Gold
Heart of New Wave  
Honey Steel's Gold Remaster  
Friend or Lender? Weepin' Willow, CD-single