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Heart Of New Wave
  1. Pissed off 3.12
    from the A King In The Kindness Room album
  2. Little Fiddle 4.13
    from the Character Assassination album
  3. Sleepyhead 4.04
    from the Serene Machine album
  4. It's lunacy 4.02
    from the Black Ticket Day album
  5. Red aces 8.26
    from the Aints album Autocannibalism
  6. Friday blue cheer/Libertines of Oxley 8.03
    from the Honey Steel's Gold album
  7. It's still nowhere 7.26
    from the Aints album Ascension album
  8. Always the woman pays 3.15
    from the Today Wonder album
  9. Not A Soul Around 2.48
    from the Everybody's Got To album
  10. Also sprach the King of Euro-disco 4.55
    from the The Butterfly Net album
  11. Electrical Storm 4.21
    from the Electrical Storm album
  12. Ghost of an ideal wife 4.18
    from the Laughing Clowns album Ghost Of An Ideal Wife
  13. Possessions 3.00
    from the Laughing Clowns album Law Of Nature

POK Records (Penguin), #POK 01

Released 1995

Greek compilation with some wonderful misspellings... See especially 'Little Eddie' and 'Ghost of an Ideal Life'... And also references to the "Laughing Clones"... :-)