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A King In The Kindness Room
  1. Confessions Of A Window Cleaner 5.50
  2. Pissed Off 3.35
  3. Highway To Hell 4.35
  4. Messin' Pt. II 7.25
  5. They Call Me Mr Sexy (Love Theme From "CCR Versus The 3rd Reich") 9.10
  6. Sundown 5.25
  7. Space Pirate 4.35

Hot Records, #HOT1052

Released 1995

Produced by Ed Kuepper and Phil Punch (with thanks to Paula Punch)

Ed Kuepper - vocals, acoustic, electric, elastic and bass guitar
Mark Dawson - drums, percussion
Louise Elliott - flute, saxophone
Linda Neil - violins
Philip Punch - additional drums
John Napier - celli
Victor Round - additional bass
Mark Costa - additional bass