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Golden Days – When Giants Walked The Earth...
  1. Eternally Yours  
  2. Theme from Mad Flies, Mad Flies  
  3. Winter's Way  
  4. Mr Uddich-Schmuddich goes to town 
  5. Holy Joe  
  6. I don't know what i want  
  7. Possesions 
  8. Eulogy? 
  9. The Flypaper  
  10. Every dog has it's day  

Hot Records, #HOT1055


Released 1995

Produced by Ed Kuepper (?)

Track 4, 6 and 8 never before on CD

Ed Kuepper
Jeffrey Wegener
Louise Elliott
Paul Smith
Peter Walsh
Chris Abrahams
Bob Farrell
Peter Doyle
Ben Wallace-Crabbe
Dan Wallace-Crabbe
Leslie Millar
Louis Tillett
Glad Reed
Diane Spence