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The Ed Kuepper Song Index

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Song title Album Note
Baby Well I Smile... Pacific
  Real Wild Life (Compilation)
  This Is The Magic Mile
(The) Ballad Wild About You  
Barefoot On The Grass The Blue House  
(The) Big 900 [Out-take] Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog [Special Edition]  
Big City The Blue House  
Bikie Groupie or The World Jones Made Cloudland  
Black Hole The Blue House  
  This Is The Magic Mile  
Black Ticket Day Black Ticket Day  
  Black Ticket Day CD-single  
  The Butterfly Net Single version
  I Was A Mail Order Bridegroom Acoustic
  Sings His Greatest Hits For You  
  Live! Live
  Real Wild Life (Compilation)  
Blind Girl Stripper Black Ticket Day  
  Legendary Bully  
  With A Knapsack On My Back Live
  This Is The Magic Mile  
Blonde On A Broomstick Black Ticket Day CD-single  
Both Worlds Ascension  
Bride of Jesus Law Of Nature  
  Cruel, But Fair  
Brisbane (Security city) Prehistoric Sounds  
  Wild About You  
  All Times Through Paradise  
Built For Comfort (from No Wonder Medley) Real Wild Life CD-single  
  Wheelie Bin Affair  
  Reflections Of Ol' Golden Eye  
Burned My Fingers Everybody's Got To  
  Legendary Bully  
By The Way Character Assassination  
  Death To The Hoowdy-Doody Brigade Undubbed
  This Is The Magic Mile a