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Album review

Mojo Magazine (UK) Issue no 45, August 1997
Frontierland [album info]
Hot 1058 CD
Starstruck [album info]
The 11th and 12th solo records from the former Saint, Laughing Clown, Yard Goes On Forever and Aint, currently touring as a one-man massed choir and orchestra.

Profilic: the word that precedes Kuepper wherever he goes. It describes both his output and gifts. Formidable would do just as well. Frontierland is the latest instalment in Ed's Pop Adventures, presenting tall tales and true from rock's legendary past. It's conceptual, sardonic and bold. As with Serene Machine and its toothsome successor, A King In The Kindness Room, Frontierland glistens with textural finesse. Snatches of Strawberry-Fields-John-Barleycorn-Mungo-Jerry clutch at the buzzing strings of the mix. For our CD appreciation, Kuepper has added the authentic sound of crackling shellac to the jaunty mandolin and kazoo arrangement of Rough House Blues. His sly delight in surface detail is as fetching as it is infectious. Now he has a luscious palette to set off his arid wit.

Starstruck is the fifth in Hot's exclusive mail order series, a collection of 28 hypothetical soundtracks. Its appeal is primarily atmospheric - although guessing the frame of Ed's reference can be fun.


Review by Bleddyn Butcher


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