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Jean Lee And The Yellow Dog, Part 1


  1. Hang Jean Lee
  2. Miracles Are An Illusion
  3. That Depends (Pt 3)
  4. Daddy's Girl
  5. Skinny Jean
  6. The Yellow Dog
  7. Demolition
  8. That's A Shame
  9. Real To Me I
  10. Real To Me II
  11. Finding You
  12. Ambient Piece

HOT Records 1101

Recorded, mixed and produced by Ed Kuepper
Mastered by Ed and Don Bartley

Released worldwide late September 2007

The album will be released in two different editions: one digipak, single cd edition and a (possibly mail order only) 2 cd jewel case edition with some extra tracks! Check out the 2CD version here!

The lyrics are mainly written by Judi Dransfield-Kuepper
The music and some lyrics written by Ed Kuepper

Jeffrey Wegener - drums
Peter Oxley - bass
Sir Alfonso - various bits and pieces
Jane Elliott - cello
Ed Kuepper - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitar

Chris Bailey [The Saints] - vocals on 'That Depends Pt 3'
Warren Ellis [The Dirty Three] - violin on 'Miracles'
Su Crowley [Disgraceland, Mummy and Daddy] - backing vocals "That Depends Pt 3' and 'Shame'
John Willsteed [Go-Betweens, Disgraceland, Mummy and Daddy, The Apartments] - banjo and lap steel on 'Real to me'


Jean Lee was the last woman hanged in Australia and the record is loosely based upon her and her two boyfriends Bob and Norm, who were also hanged. She worked as a prostitute (Bob being her pimp) and they were convicted of murdering a man/client.