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Press release:The Oxley Creek Playboys Tour 1997/98


Media release for the Oxley Creek Playboys 1997. (Click on picture for a larger image)

The text on the sheet:

Ed Kuepper is forming a new band after more than three years of solo and duo work. Ed has gathered together the Oxley Creek Boys [sic] to accompany him on the 'Exploding Universe' tour around Australia this summer.

They are currently rehearsing for their debut at The Bridge Hotel in Rozelle on Fri 21 and Sat 22 November.

Following this they cut their theeth on a run up the East coast with Sawtell RSL Wed 26 Nov, Great Northern, Byron Bay on Thu 27 Nov and The Doghouse, Gold Coast on Fri 28 Nov.

Dates in other states will follow.

Over 2 hours on stage in a concert performance!

The Oxley Creek Boys are:
Simon Cox (drums), Alex Compton (bass) and a questionable keyboard player.

Ed has just released his first ever live album entitled "With A Knapsack On My Back". This is a solo performance recorded in Hamburg in June of this year. Such favourites as 'Eternally Yours' and 'La Di Doh' are included in an outstanding 70 minute plus CD.

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