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Album review

Q Magazine (UK) Issue no 159, December 1999

The Blue House [album info]

Hot 1071 CD

He's been guilty of mailing in a few albums in the 90's (1997's Cloudland was even mail order only), but it takes a fair bit to blow the stubborn veteran Kuepper off his current vocal-free course, and The Blue House sees him esuring that he gets his money's worth from his studio equipment. The genres fighting for attention among these 17 tracks include trance (Dispatch From The High Castle and Big City), anthemic marches (A Lotta Nerve) and the ticking clocks and breathlessness of Pink Floyd's Time on The First Final Program. If the lack of vocals render the end product curiously unmoving, The Blue House remains at least a partial return to form.

*** (3 out of 5 possible stars, equals "Good. Not for everyone, but fine within its field")

Review by Tom Howard


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