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Album review
Q Magazine (UK) Issue no 156, January 1998
The Wheelie Bin Affair [album info]
Hot 1065 CD
B-sides compilation from outrageously profilic German-born Australian.

In the '70s, Kuepper invented punk with the Saints and in the '80s he re-invented jazz with The Laughing Clowns and psychedelic hard rock with The Aints. Now, he's re-invented himself as a folk-jazz-punk-blues-muzak polymath, rare British gigs compelling hundreds of his fellow Australians to pay tribute by talking loudly through all the quiet bits. The Wheelie Bin Affair lives up to its self-deprecating subtitle, Some Odds & Sods, being a collection of CD-single-only songs from 1992 and onwards. Kuepper completists will thrill to a spacious, banjo and pedal steel enhanced version of 1985's classic Car Headlights, although any of Hot's expansive Kuepper compilations make a better introduction for the uninitiated.

*** (3 out of 5 possible stars, equals "Good. Not for everyone, but fine within its field")

Review by Stewart Lee


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