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Discography overview
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(I'm) Stranded/No Time, 7" single, 1976
I'm Stranded, album, 1977
Erotic Neurotic/One Way Street, 7" single, 1977
This Perfect Day/L-I-E-S, 7" single, 1977
One Two Three Four, 7" EP, 1977
River Deep Mountain High/Lipstick On your Collar, 7" single, 1977
Know Your Product /Run Down, 7" single, 1978
Eternally Yours, album, 1978
Security/All Times Through Paradise, single, 1978
Prehistoric Sounds, album, 1978
Prehistoric Songs, album, 1981 (compilation)
Know Your Product, album, 1986? (compilation)
Best Of The Saints, album, 1986 (compilation)
Saints Alive!, 7" single (recorded 1977), 1988
Scarce Saints/Hymns Of Oblivion, album, 1989 (compilation)
Songs of Salvation, album, 1990 (compilation)
The Most Primitive Band In The World, album, 1995
7799 - Big Hits On The Underground, album, 1999 (compilation)
Wild About You, album, 2000 (compilation)
All Times Through Paradise , 4 CD box, 2004 (compilation)