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New releases from Prince Melon... (July 2010)
Four last releases in the first Prince Melon Bootleg series up for pre-order!
More info at the Prince Melon Records website.

On July 27 Ed wrote:

Howdy all,

Well I’m pleased to say we have the last 4 volumes in the first series
of the Prince Melon bootleg series up for pre-order. This brings us to a nice even
baker’s dozen of 13 titles . Depending how these go we may start a second series
in the new year but that is another story.

The new titles are, firstly–

The Aints live at the Sarah Sands in Melbourne 1991.

This recording was made just prior to the bands first studio lp ‘Ascension’, and tho it doesn’t feature any of those songs, it does set the template for where I wanted the band to go musically. Great rhythm section with Mark Dawson on drums [he’s played on tons of my stuff] and Mikey Couvret on bass [‘Celibate Rifles’ and the Yard goes on Forever’], also features the rock ‘n’ roll debut of Tim Hopkins on sax [he played on ‘Ascension’ and ‘Auto –Cannibalism’, as well as ‘Black Ticket Day’].

This is an audience recording and probably won’t win any audiophile awards but it’s a nice performance, and one of only a handful of live shows we did. Better sound quality than SLSQ.
This was also the lineup that would have been my preferred option to do the recent Saints re-union shows.

This Perfect day
Erotic neurotic
Messin’ with the kid
Swing for the crime
Nights in Venice
I’m Stranded
Kissin’ Cousins
No Time
[around 60 minutes playing time]

Next up, Ed Kuepper and the expanded Kowalski Collective live at the Judith Wright Centre 2007.

The first of only 3 shows this lineup did to promote the then current [and under promoted] ‘Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog ‘album. Featuring in all their ragged glory, the fabulous Kowalski brothers Jeff Wegener on drums and Peter Oxley on bass, as well as Jane Elliott on cello and a three piece horn ensemble. This has quite a few arrangements unique to this tour.

Too many clues
Messin’ Pt 2
Best interests at heart
Here to get my baby from jail
Eternally yours
Real to me
Daddy’s Girl
Skinny Jean
Yellow Dog
La do doh
Hang Jean Lee
[around 60 minutes playing time]

Thirdly –

Studio demos 1988 and 2007

Jean Lee and the Yellow Dog studio demos
Shame [extended electric guitar version]
Real to me [up-tempo acoustic version]
That Depends [psychedelic orchestral version]
Went down that road [previously unreleased track]
Bob ascends the heavenly stairs [previously unreleased track]
Demolition [New Orleans funeral dirge version]
Daddy’s girl [Troggs style drum version]
Hang Jean Lee [earlier version]

Truetone/EMI studio demos
King of Vice [1988 version]
The Way I made you feel [1988 version]
Closer, but disguised [1988 version]
The Prisoner [1988 waltz version]
What you don’t know [1988 version]
Reasons [1988 version]
[around 60 minutes playing time]

All of the 1988 ‘Yard goes on Forever’ recordings were done several years before any of the songs were eventually released as sometimes radically different versions on ‘Today Wonder’, ‘Honey Steel’s Gold ‘ and ‘Serene Machine’.

And last but not least…

The Ascension Academy.

This was a side project I put together for one performance as part of the Brisbane Sound Festival in early 2007 [?]. The tracks are mostly instrumental and feature contributions from Louise Elliott on sax [laughing Clowns] Alister Spence on piano[Kowalski Collective, Laughing Clowns, Clarion Fracture zone] Sir Alfonso on turntable and myself on guitar, in a mixture of live and studio recordings.
Die Abend Glocken
Wake up in the morning
Fragment, consider reversing
Australian Badland
[around 45 minutes playing time]

Anyway if you’re interested in any of these they can be obtained dirt cheap at www.princemelonrecords.com

Ed Kuepper