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Live at The Judith Wright Centre, late 2007
The Prince Melon Bootleg Series, Volume 11

  1. Too Many Clues
  2. Messin' Part 2
  3. Best Interest At Heart
  4. Here To Get My Baby From Jail
  5. Eternally Yours
  6. Real To Me
  7. Daddy's Girl
  8. Skinny Jean
  9. Yellow Dog
  10. Demolition
  11. La Di Doh
  12. Hang Jean Lee

Prince Melon Records, year zero 011

Released 2010

Recorded live at The Judith Wright Centre, late 2007

Ed Kuepper - guitar and vocals
Peter Oxley - bass and backing vocals
Jeffrey Wegener - drums
Jane Elliot - cello and keyboards
Ceri McCoy and his big brassy boize - horns