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The Sordid Past of Captain Shark
  1. My Best Interest At Heart 4.28
    from the album Character Assasination
  2. Confessions Of A Window Cleaner 5.49
    from the album A King In The Kindness Room
  3. Honey Steel's Gold 5.22
    from the album Honey Steel's Gold
  4. Sad Dark Eyes 3.04
    from the album Sings His Greatest Hits For You
  5. Lonely Paradise 4.12
    from the album Everybody's Got To
  6. Maria Peripatetica 3.35
    from the album Serene Machine
  7. There's Nothing Natural 3.49
    from the album Black Ticket Day
  8. Like An Oil Spill 3.41
    from the Aints album Ascension
  9. Without Your Mirror 3.58
    from the album Rooms of the Magnificent
  10. Messin' With The Kid 4.50
    from the album I Was A Mailorder Bridegroom
  11. Sometimes 4.49
    from the album The Butterfly Net
  12. Lit Up By Sexual Gymnastics 1.09
    from the album Exotic Mail Order Moods
  13. Eternally Yours 5.11
    from the Laughing Clowns album Golden Days
  14. What You Don't Know 4.02
    from the album Today Wonder
  15. Car Headlights 2.47
    from the album Electrical Storm
  16. All Of These Things [Demo version] 4.13
    Previously unreleased version. Original version can be found on the album Frontierland

Hot Records, #SAMPLE 1058CD


Released September 1996

Produced by Ed Kuepper

Sold very cheap together with album Frontierland (as a bonus).