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Honey Steel's Gold (Remastered 2000)  
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Ed's liner notes for the remastered edition

It's no secret that I've often been critical of early CD sound quality in the past but, with this re-issue of Honey Steel's Gold, I think the album has now been nailed and is as good as it's going to get. Don Bartley and I approached it more as a restoration than a re-master and, having returned to the original stereo mixes, we were both pleasantly surprised at the dynamics and clarity evident on the tapes that had not made it onto the original CD release.

In the spirit of true high fidelity mastering, we did very little in the way of equalization or compression, preferring to let the original mixes communicate the music, warts and all, with as little interference as possible. I hasten to add that these are not remixes. I think that if you ever liked this album, then this reissue is as close as you'll get to having been in the studio at the time - if that is your bent.

The extra tracks comprise the earliest recordings of The Way I Made You Feel and Everything I've Got Belongs To You. These were originally recorded as part of a 12-inch EP for Holland. When this release was aborted, it was decided to continue recording and turn the EP into the album that was to become Honey Steel's Gold. I felt at the time that these versions sounded too acoustic, so electric guitar was added and they were remixed.

The other additional tracks come from The Legendary No Wonder Sessions which were recorded one Thursday night with my intrepid musical assistant of the time, Mark Dawson, on the drums and dear friend, Sir Alfonso, on backing vocals. Having enjoyed recording Today Wonder some months earlier, I was keen to work that particular mine again and possibly extend the level of musical high jinks that were only hinted at on that earlier album. These recordings are also the first to have my long time co-producer, Phil Punch, behind the console.

Edmund Kuepper, November 2000


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