3 EP

Side A

  1. I Don't Know What I Want 8.05
  2. Collapse Board 5.50

Side B

  1. Ghost Beat 3.18
  2. Clown Town 3.14
  3. Mr Ridiculous 3.18

Prince Melon Records #PM-05-LP

12" EP

Released 1980

Words and music by Edmund Kuepper

Recorded at Studio 301
Engineered by John Bee November 1980
Arranged and produced by LAUGHING CLOWNS
Drums and percussion supplied by Billy Hyde Drum Clinic Sydney
Photography by C Walker and K West

Jeffrey Wegener - drums, percussion
Edmund Kuepper - vocals, guitar
Dan Wallace-Crabbe - piano
Ben Wallace-Crabbe - bass
Peter Doyle - trumpet
Robert Farrel - saxophone